Lkn.ng is a URL shortening website developed by Ivycoders. Its a quick way of getting your links shortened.

The website works by creating a short domain name that redirects to the lengthy URL, and Ivycoders CEO, Ogwumike Jedidiah said just as much when he pitched to Tech-Cabal. “Lnk.ng is a free to use URL shortener utility. It basically helps generate a new unique short and readable URL that redirects to the original URL when accessed”

But this is not new, bit.ly has been letting us shorten long URLs since the stone age of the internet and Twitter also has a native URL shortener, t.co which deploys automatically when a users share a long-drawn-out URL on Twitter.

No one really pays attention to link shorteners any longer. That services like bit.ly provide analytics options is why they have continued to exist, but lnk.ng does not have this module.

Lkn.ng is an interesting proposition with free access, as at the time of this draft, however until it provides added options to its shortening service, the ability to manage links is not just enough to draw traction.

Source; TechCabal

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